"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well"

John Gardner


Five Star Magazine launched in 2010 and is one of the three media outlets that make the Five Star Trilogy



What we believe

We are a different type of Media. We focus on quality content, not quantity; on quality advertising; on luxury with a purpose and a soul. We believe luxury isn't about price and bling. It's the result of hard work and craftsmanship. It's a labour of love. We showcase services and products that enhance the living experience and that inspire through beauty and imagination. We celebrate excellence and support luxury that goes beyond price: luxury that leaves a mark behind in the form of change.


Who we are

Five Star Magazine is a multi award-winning innovative publication about the rarest, most exclusive, exquisite and unique in luxury and ultra-luxury travel. It was first published in 2010 as a collectors publication in the shape of a stylish coffee table book and later a digital magazine was launched with regular articles. Not everything we publish online goes to the book and not everything that goes to the book is published online. The publication is the first of a trilogy of media outlets: Five Star Magazine, Hotel News Scotland and GEARED LIFE Magazine


What we aim

The intent of the magazine to inspire. To encourage our readers to believe in the impossible and appreciate not only the result of creativity and hard work but also, the possibilities they create. We showcase exceptional businesses developing and providing services of the highest quality: we feature what were once mere ideas and are now materialised dreams.


Our editorial is neutral, Five Star Magazine's articles can't be bought. Our features are carefully picked and developed. We don't overdo, we leave you wanting more, we give you breaks. Everything you read is a result of a great level of research. We rely on a network of exceptional journalists, PR professionals, property developers, photographers, architects, interior designers and savvy luxury travelers who are regularly feeding us with fresh information based on both expertise and experience. 



The publication and digital magazine are the brainchild of Renata Parolari Fernandes, an active member of the luxury and hospitality industry with extensive experience in marketing and branding for luxury hotels. Working as a judge and researcher for hotel awards and as an industry journalist, Renata has had the opportunity to experience some of the most unique and exclusive hotels and luxury services available today. In 2011 she was nominated as a Media pioneer and won an "Editor of the Year" award; and in 2014 she received the "Outstanding Achievement in Digital Marketing" award for the work developed through Five Star Magazine. Born in Brazil with an Italian and Portuguese background, Renata has been based in Scotland for the last 17 years and currently assesses 120 properties around the world per year. 


Picture by Andy Morgan



We work with only a handful of writers, each one of them excels in a particular field. We appreciate the work of writers who share the same principles we do and who are passionate about luxury in their own personal lives too.


'We collect the rarest, most striking and most unique'


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